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Yal Solan - Silent Fireworks (Official Music Video)

Yal Solan is a music recording artist from Lebanon. The Lebanese indie pop singer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2019 with her song "Today We Stand (Lebanese Revolution Ballad)". Yal premiered the music video for her March 1, 2022 released track titled "Silent Fireworks".

Silent Fireworks is a song about someone searching for the things that keep them up at night. Just when you've felt like you've thought of every reason, you realize that you never thought you could be the reason. I plays through the person lying in a small room awake in the middle of the night wondering why, noting later that she notices that she's not even tired. The silent fireworks represent the thing inside you that keeps you up, which could be anything.

The music video premiered on the same day the song was released. It was directed by Yal Solan herself while being shot and edited by Sary Asmar. It cuts between different shots of Yal some of which she is sing in the night while others have her dancing during day break. The video keeps it simple to help blend the visuals and the vocals, neither piece seems to take more focus from the other.


Quotable Lyrics

Maybe I can show you the reasons

Maybe you've search far and wide, I'll tell you it's inside

Silent Fireworks


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