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Melody Joyce - Fairytale Love (official Music Video

Melody Joyce is a music recording artist from the United States. The Florida pop singer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2018 with her single title "Light It Up". Melody Joyce just premiered the music video for her November 7 Song "Fairytale Love".

Fairytale Love is a song with a straight forward theme. It follows the title regarding a fairytale romance as she sings about what could be. She notes all of the things she likes and the things she imagines in her fairytale.Them being at the top of her fantasy where as long as they are together, there is nothing they can't overcome.

The music video, produced by Maria Ortiz, premiered November 11, 2022. The music video primarily surrounds a woman's fantasy of a relationship with a crush which aligns with the idea of a fairytale love. It starts off with the woman sitting, reading a book, and she looks up and sees a man which provokes the fantasy.


Quotable Lyrics

You're the star

In my dark night

Constant light

You're my sunrise


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