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MMD - Out The Store

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

On August 18, 2020 MMD released is new track “Out the Store”. MMD has always been known around his area to be a lyricist who makes statements with his music and this is no different. In the song he blends punchline delivery with story telling to bring the listener a little closer to his world.

MMD is not a man to be judge like an ordinary man as he has seen different highs and lows in his life; this ultimately makes him a unique character all together. He points this fact out with his lyrics, “I am not the type of guy, who you judge off the ones that you’ve seen with your eyes”. He speaks to how he has grown into the confident man he is today but still humbled with the memory of his past. However, those very same memories are still used today as motivation to keep making money by any means necessary.



Quoteable Lyrics

When I Move Its In Disguised

Hoodie On Best Believe The Strings Tied

Only Fast Food I Chew Is Spare Ribs With The Fries

I Been Gone For A Minute Now Its Time To Look Alive!


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