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Riija is a music recording artist from the United States. The Los Angeles pop singer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2022 with her single titled "Love Spell". On September 8, 2023 Riija released her song "WASTED LOVE".

Wasted Love, written and produced by Viktorija Vasiljeva and John Courtidis, is a song made as a warning not misinterpret the relationship you have and get too attached. Don't mistake certain actions such as a drunk phone call as something more than it is. She wants you to keep it simple because she's not looking for a deep relationship from you.


Quotable Lyrics

Just your touch and your body that's all that I want

Put me on, put it on me keep it simple 'cause

I don't wanna complicate it, you know if I call I'm faded

When you answer the phone...

You know this is wasted love, you're just the one that I call

When I've had too much don't you get too emotional,

Not the one you wanna fall for

Why you wanna get so deep?


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