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Jessica Mar - Somebody

Jessica Mar is a music recording artist from the United States. The pop singer and song writer has been releasing music since 2015 under the name Jess Weimer with her first commercial record "Telltale Signs". On March 11, 2024 Jessica Mar released her song titled "Somebody".

Somebody is a song composed by Jessica Mar, produced by Beto Vargas, and engineered by Mert Özcan and Beto Vargas. It's about displaying inner strength and confidence in yourself. When people try to tell you who and how to be. She speaks specifically of the person who they themselves aren't true to who they are but is trying to tell her how to be. She has no time to be lectured on how to live her life by someone who doesn't know who she is and is not living by their own standards. Her last sentiments is how living like that, following the path someone else is trying to set for you, can box you in and that she has been able to do more with her life being herself.


Quotable Lyrics

I don't need somebody, telling me

I got to be somebody

The last thing I want to see is somebody

who's not doing their own


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