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Jon Harris - Think of Me (Official Music Video)

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Jon Harris releases the music video for his popular song "Think of Me". For much of 2021 fans have waited for the visual to the emotionally driven song. The music video, much like everything else connected to Jon tells a story similar to the plot of the song.

The song "Think of Me, released April 23, 2021, is about feeling sorrow when apart from someone you care about. Jon has said there was no specific scenario, the person; could be dead or alive, lover or friend, close or far in distance, the point is the lack of contact. Harris is a writer you dives deep when approaching topics to write about. He typically has a message or a point but always wants people think after experience.

The music video jumps from 2 sections, one seeing Jon alone in a room and a story showing a Jon who visibly let himself go. He hears something and goes to answer the door just to find a woman (Yosmi Trinidad) who was apparently very happy to see him as he himself is in shock. He then finds out things aren't what they seemed.

The video was directed by Brayant Perdomo from Living Life Our Way Entertainment. Harris expressed that he preferred to have the music video directed through the company rather than a more experienced crew. He said they plan on making movies in the future and this would be great practice going the the film production process.


Quotable Lyrics

Do you ever think of the good times that I gave you

Or did you just move on? And how long did it take you?

All these thoughts will be gone then back in a week or two

Here's what happens when I think of you


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