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Jon Harris - Think of Me

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Jon Harris gets intimate with his new track 'Think of Me'. Harris has never shied away from creating deep, thought provoking content. He had recently released a song, I Don't Wanna Hear It, criticizing everyone for speaking without substance. It shows that he had good reason to say that considering he continues to provide music with meaning.

"Think of Me" tells a story of a person who is expressing their sorrow because they are unable to communicate with a person they care deeply about. It often makes you wonder when you're away from the people you love, do they think of you? If the people you care about do think of you while you are apart, how much do they think of you. These get to the underlying point of the question, the real question to be asked; how important am I to you?

We have all had these thought about someone in our lives or our past which makes it even more touching. Jon has said he loves artists who are not afraid of being vulnerable and shows he too as an artist can show vulnerability because at the end of the day, artists are just humans as well.


Jon Harris - Think of Me - Lyric Video


Quotable Lyrics

Do you ever think of the good times that I gave you

Or did you just move on? And how long did it take you?

All these thoughts will be gone then back in a week or two

Here's what happens when I think of you


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