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Live Interview - Jon Harris - LLOW Entertainment CEO

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Living Life Our Way Entertainment has always been a company which strives to help as many creators as possible. It started a new division LLOWtv which will, among other things, act as a blog for creators to give assistance in the careers of many; even if they aren’t directly associated with the company. The company started recording in-person interviews and who better to start it off than the man who started it all, the founder and chief executive officer Jon Harris.

Sitting at the riverfront of the Hudson River in Peekskill, NY Brayant Perdomo, the interviewer, conversed with Harris for just under an hour over several different topics. Harris mentions the scenic view of the lower Hudson Valley as a “nice view” especially for the interview being held on a cloudy February day. Brayant seemed to be dressed better for the weather wearing a winter coat as Jon sported a light cotton jacket with a scarf and a Living Life Our Way Entertainment beanie.

During interview Jon speaks on many different topics, answers several questions geared to give the viewer an idea of how he think, what motivates him, who inspires him, and Harris simply shows exactly why he is the man for the job. His story as he explains it during the interview is an inspiring story in itself with the central theme being, “no one helping you is not an excuse to give up. It just means you will have to make it happen by yourself.” He approaches his leadership style from his idle Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. who is brought up several times throughout the interview. There is a clear sense of admiration Jon has for Steve Jobs as a person, leader, for Jobs’ accomplishments, and Apple Inc. as a company. The idea of ‘Think Different’; a slogan Apple Inc. used in its “Think Different” campaign for the Macintosh Computer in 1984 also came up during the interview.

Jon Harris spoke very humbly during the interview for a person with the success and growth he has seen so far and for being young with limited resources trying to start the company he did from the small idea he had; Harris is showing that anything is possible. He is an inspiration to those who aspire to mold their own future, he started his company off of the idea that no one else would help him so he decided to put himself in a position to help hisself. He then soon found that he was simultaneously shifting into a space where he could help other as well. If you want some inspiration to start something look no further than Jon Harris; a man who has only moved forward and progressed while not forgetting where he started to keep him humble. As he would say he started with limited information and talent and grew into the person, artist, and entrepreneur you see in this interview. We wish him the very best as we watch him and Living Life Our Way Entertainment grow.


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