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Yung Ezzi - Road Runnin'

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Yung Ezzi is a hip hop recording artist who came on the scene in with "Tombstonez" in 2019. Ezzi has since released 5 tracks of his own and was featured on another watching his career move in the right direction. He starting 2022 off with a new track called "Road Runnin'".

Road Runnin' is about getting around make moves and making money. The song tells story of him doing a lot of thing all condensed into 2 minutes. From the moment he wakes up the he's already making plans calling his connections, meeting women, and recording music. The production has heavy kicks with soft claps and a simple synth melody but works well with the lyrics to create a high energy track.


Quotable Lyrics

I, wake up

And still thinking 'bout my pay cut


Purchase Link: Apple Music | Spotify

Follow Yung Ezzi: Instagram | YouTube

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