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Virens - Submitted to Sin

Virens is music duo from Europe. The singer/songwritter music group, from the United Kingdom, consists of singers James New and Louisa Connolly-Burnham. Virens have been releasing music since 2023 with their first single "Salut!". On April 26, 2023 they released their song titled "Submitted to Sin".

Submitted to Sin is a song about a dysfunctional relationship. One that the parties are aware of but continue to stay in it. It plays as dialogue in an argument but is presented as people who are so use to the back and forth that they don't have the energy to argue. The song was produced by James New and Paul Dixon with a soft low energy feel which emphasizes the feeling the lovers in the story have rather than the typical energized back and forth disputes between significant others.


Quotable Lyrics

Oh lover where'd you go

In my heart I know I know

Feels like we're stalling lets talk in the morning

I don't want to do this now

Cause it hurts us and we know us

And surely the ending is nai

Mislead us disobeyed us

Now I can see is the lie


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