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The King's Man Review

I saw The King's Man a few days ago. It is definitely a unique take on the Kingsman franchise while staying true to the spirit of the previous movies. The movie is an origin story of the secret service agency: The Kingsman. The plot surrounds a father, the Duke of Oxford played by Ralph Fiennes, who is a pacifist following the death of his wife. He made a promise to her to keep their son away from war, but unfortunate circumstances place their home country Great Britain in a war against Germany and the Central Powers. Twelve years after the passing of his wife Oxford is tasked with trying to keep his son, Conrad Oxford played by Harris Dickinson, away from the conflict despite his insistence on joining the military to do his part. The movie shows how their small group; the two Oxfords and the helpers, Polly played by Gemma Arterton and Shola played by Djimon Hounsou, play keep points throughout the entire European conflict and how this war inspired the Duke of Oxford to start the Kingsman.

If I am being honest, I didn't see the first one. I really need to I started with the second movie (yea yea I know I am one of those...). But after seeing the second one I was interested in the franchise and their use of long extended shots through choreographed situations. I found the plots interesting and I understand the plot of the first movie. I am some one who can be pulled in with simple things like that, an interesting story can go a long way with me. It doesn't need to be overly dramatized or historically accurate, just make it make sense. That's what I love about these movies, they don't try too hard and the production crew know what this franchise is. This helps them see clearly the better aspects of what make these movies great and its why I like each movie I saw.

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