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Scream 2022 Review

Scream is a self described "requel" of the Scream franchise. It takes place in the original town of Woodsboro where someone has donned the infamous Ghostface costume while committing a series of murders which seemed to be connected to the previous movies. After her younger sister was attacked Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) decides to comeback to protect her only to find that she herself is part of the hit list.

So I saw Scream this past Friday and I wasn't upset. To be fair I wasn't one of the people who watched all the movies; I think I only saw the first 2 and I was 6 when the first movie came out. As I recently gained interest in movies in general I rewatched the first 2 for the nostalgia and also because movies don't scare me the way they did when I was young *SPOILER* I wasn't scared watching this. But, what I did like was the fact that this movie kept the spirit of the original. When I was younger I just saw the original as a generic slasher, the typical criminal psycho going around murdering people but as a watched it as an adult I appreciated the hyperawareness the movie had for itself and what it was. This Scream does a good job of bringing back that feeling that the movie knows EXACTLY what it is, which is not just a "scary movie" but a money generating intellectual property of a major film studio that is only being filmed to hit nostalgia points while trying to juggle being both different and similar at the same time. Not to give anything away because I do encourage you to see it but I would change the ending based on some subtle information given during the movie. I completely understand why they picked this but for storytelling purposes I have some notes...


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