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The Casual Criminalist: Jack the Ripper

Updated: Feb 15


The Casual Criminalist is a podcast centered around doing deep dives on criminal cases, hosted by Simon Whistler. On September 26, 2022 The Casual Criminal released the much anticipated episode on the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. This episode, written by Matt Granda, was about the notorious serial killer jack the ripper, going through the details of each murder and suspects.

Jack the ripper was a serial killer that terrorized the Whitechapel District of London in 1888. He is most famous before of the mystery surrounding his identity as he was never caught. There were 5 definitive murders linked to Jack the Ripper known as the canonical five based on the m.o. however there are some who believe there are more unsolved murders that were done by Jack.

Matt organizes the episode by the separate canonical five first giving as much known and undisputed details as he could find. Then he added the other unsolved murders and wrote to how people felt they may have been connected to Jack. After that he references the possible killers and how strong or weak the evidence is for each suspect. I love that he made a point to remind the listeners that Jack the Ripper is a murderer and should not be romanticized.


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