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Sipping with the Segarras

Sipping with the Segarras is a podcast hosted by the married couple Jonathan and Stephanie Segarra. The podcast launched on March 7, 2023 by the couple with Jonathan as the engineer.

Sipping with the Segarras is an intimate podcast that has a feel reminiscent of a group of friends having a conversation about things that interest them. Although the listener themselves can't respond to the host, each episode makes the listeners still feel they are apart of the conversation. The episodes, albeit to their own degree, are very thought provoking leaving the listener wondering how they feel about what the last person said. It make you wish were in the room with them to add your opinion because Stephanie and Jonathan have such a welcoming vibe.

The podcast doesn't have a set topic for the host to speak on but they make it a point to carry on the tradition of mentioning what is their drink of choice for the episode; it wouldn't be "sipping with the Segerras" if the Segerras weren't sipping anything now would it? To add to their welcoming atmosphere for the listener, they invite their audience to drink something along with them. The topics chosen for each episode can range from something fun like anime to a more serious note like mental health awareness however they all share a common theme, the subject's importance to the Segarras. Jonathan and Stephanie open their lives with honesty to their audience, showcasing their highs, lows, and everything in between. You really get a sense of who the Segarras are as a couple and as a family.

As mentioned in one of the episodes, it all started when Stephanie gifted her husband for the holidays with the equipment to host a podcast. She noted that it was her opinion to find gifts her loved ones that they wanted without them needing to directly tell her what to get and she remembered him talking about wanting to do a podcast together. With their busy lives individually as people and collectively as parents, there were challenges they faced with communicating as much as they wanted to. So sharing the podcast did that and so much more. Sipping with the Segarras is an open discussion format where the two host, with featured guest occasionally, have a subject and speak on it from their perspective. Being a couple that doesn't seem to struggle with openness and honesty with one another the couple has a pretty good understanding of the other side's perspective but still allows each other to share for the listeners to learn what makes each of them special, to one another and to the world.


Sipping with the Segarras


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