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The Batman - Review

The Batman, written and directed by Matt Reeves along with Peter Craig who also has writing credits, is a reboot of the Batman cinematic franchise staring Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne. The movie unlike many of the premiere movies for live action comic book franchises, this movie doesn't center around an origin. The movie revolves around Batman and James Gordon following leads to catch a serial killer.

The movie begins with the riddler killing the city's mayor which and leaves a clue for Batman and Gordon to find. This leads to a "connect the dots" style of crime spree each having its own clue. The clues typically were riddles addressed to Batman, and throughout the movie Batman is trying to crack the case and figure out all the figures involved.


I really enjoyed the movie although it would've been nice to know the movie was going to be long going into it. It was definitely noticeable unlike a movie like Avengers End Game which was equally as long. Not that its a critique but to tell the story you can't have Batman fighting at in almost every scene, which actually added to the performance. This is because we as views have come to associate the idea that if Bruce Wayne is dress as batman, there will be some ass kicking so it was nice to really dive into the other aspect of Batman outside of the combat. My favorite part of this movie was the unexpected twist that I would bet money NO ONE saw coming; that the riddler thought Batman was on his side and was helping him. As a stand alone film and as a Batman film I think they did a superb job. If I had to choose I would still say my favorite Batman movie is Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight but I can see the arguments made for this movie.


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