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Memory - Review

Memory, directed by Martin Campbell, is a movie about Alex Lewis, played by Liam Neeson, who is suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease. While Alex seeks revenge for the death of a child he refused to kill as part of a hit job. After pursuing Alex thinking he was the murderer of the child, FBI agent Vincent Serra, played by Guy Pearce, finds he is not Alex's enemy but they they both, though on separate sides of the law, are on pursuing the same people in the name of justice for the murdered child.


I am a fan on Liam Neeson so I will typically have good things to say about his movies. I think he takes his roles seriously, even when playing a villain in a Seth MacFarlane movie. I can't say that I really thought negatively of any of his movies. I say all that to be fair with the context of this review. But I liked the movie and it definitely had its angle on the "spy/hitman who is one step ahead of everyone" genre giving the protagonist a memory disease. I thought the story was interesting and how the movie left the view wondering if certain things were Alex or someone else because for most of the movie we are see events through Alex's perspective. I wouldn't say this is a major action packed movie or super thrilling but for me it did it worked. It told a compelling story that kept me interested in figuring out the outcome and though we get to the outcome you expect, it's not the way you expect it.



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