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Tess Elena - Helga (Official Music Video)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Tess Elena is a recording artist from the United States. The sing and songwriter is from New York and has been releasing music since 2019. On October 30, 2021 Tess released the music video for the song "Helga" which was accessible to the public the following day.

Helga is a song about longing for the person you have feelings for to notice you. It is a reference to the 1996 Nickelodeon classic "Hey Arnold!" about a group of kids living in the inner city. The song revolves around the story arc where Helga (a character in the show) secretly has feelings for Arnold but only reveals them in secret. The song is a play on this idea where Tess is speaking from the perspective of someone like Helga who can only bring herself to speak her feelings when she is somewhere she can see him but not hear him.

The Music video take's place in Manhattan, one of the cities that the show Hey Arnold! drew inspiration from. The video starts with her back turned leaning on a park fence seemingly daydreaming. Tess is dress in the outfit Helga wears in the show following the theme of the song including a pink dress over a white t-shirt with a pink bow in her hair. It takes place in 2 locations a school park and on the steps of an apartment, which appears to be the inspiration for stoop kid's stoop.


Quotable Lyrics

You see this unibrow, I could shave it off for you

Cause I've collected up your bubble gum and put it in a shrine of you, too

A full life form of Arnold between my small closet walls

But I've been searching wanting, waiting, wishing, walking 'round these school halls

Wondering if you'll ever gonna drop that football head into my arms


Purchase Link: Apple Music | Spotify

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