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Taylor Gray - Wait For It

Taylor Gray is a recording artist from the United States. The Los Angeles, California native is an R&B singer and song writer who has been making music since 2017. In 2018 he released his first album titled "Teo". On March 26, 2021 Gray released the first song in 2021 called "Wait For It".

Wait For It is a song about patience and taking things slow regarding romantic intimacy. The song goes back and forth from getting the advice of taking things slow from the woman and giving the advice. He speaks to how important this person is but the he knows he can't rush into something. There is a point where he notes that she is taken but insinuates that he is will to wait for everything to fall into place for him the get the girl.


Quotable Lyrics

I want to see one day what's going on with us

You said to slow your roll man slow it down, just be patient

You got plenty time to bust it down, baby if you can wait

I'll give it to you so so rough we'll break the bed and see the sun

but 'til then, you gotta wait for it


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