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Special K - That's Okay (Official Music Video)

Kari J. is a music recording artist from the United States. The r&b soul singer and songwriter has been releasing since 2020 with her song titled "Jiggy" under the stage name "Special K". Kari premiered the music video for her song titled "That's Okay" released on November 13, 2020.

That's Okay was released along with 4 other songs on Kari J 5 track EP, "Something Special". Its a comforting song to someone who's been burnt in a relationship. It's a testament to them that you understand their actions but more importantly Kari emphasizes that it's okay.

The music video, presented by Huggie Bear Entertainment, premiered January 22, 2022 depicts a hurt man. It begins with him over a sink with the water running that one can assume is right after he threw water in his face holding a cigarette both of which are signs of someone who is very stressed. The video does show him in a different shot dressed but visibly putting on an act that he is okay. The shots with Kari J both have her singing alone one is in a dark room and shes sitting on a chair and the other shot is her sitting by herself in a blanketed area.


Quotable Lyrics

Pretending you aint never been hurt, I feel your pain

Scared to get your heart broken again, and that's okay


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