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Sony needs to give up Spider-Man IP...Morbius - Review

Morbius, directed by Daniel Espinosa, is a movie that follows Dr. Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, as he becomes an undead vampire trying to find a cure for his blood disease. After using himself as a human test subject for a experimental and dangerous solution that was made to cure his disease, Dr. Morbius finds that along with curing himself he also gave himself a few super human abilities consistent with what bats use to survive but along with it came a lust for blood. His friend Milo also takes the solution without the permission of Dr. Morbius. Although unlike Morbius, Milo does not attempt to retrain himself from murdering innocent people as Dr. Morbius.

So to cut it short the movie was...not...terrible. But it does show what happens whens a company makes a movie ONLY for profits. Sony has shown that it doesn't care about these characters and more importantly it doesn't care if it upsets the fans because at the end of the day we will go out and see it even if we are skeptical at this point. I honestly feel bad for Jared Leto for another comic book misfire that to be honest is not his fault at all. None of these roles were failures because of him but because he is the face of the character he gets dragged down with it. I almost don't even care to see anymore Marvel comic live action movies produced by Sony, if for nothing else, to make a statement: Either make better movies or give it to someone who will. Give the directors the freedom to make the movie they TRULY want, and stop adding your terrible directions. I personally like the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man but general consensus is that it sucked but look at the reception Spider-Man got from the MCU...which shows that when the team working on the movie actually cares about the property it will be well received. And it was especially a slap in the face to Sony that...SONY's Spider-Men stole the show! They were WAY more beloved then in their own respective movies. Like I said this movie wasn't terrible or nearly as bad as people criticize it but for a comic book movie its at best forgettable and it will only be remembered for the wrong reasons.


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