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Skyler Rossa - Peace of Mind

Skyler Rossa is a music recording artist from the United States. The r&b/soul singer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2019 with her EP titled "Sensitive Savage". On June 28, 2021 Skyler Rossa released her song Peace of Mind.

Peace of Mind is a song dedicated to a man she cares deeply about. Its a tribute to him, their love and their intimacy. She points out how he makes her want to do things she typically doesn't do. In the second verse Skyler speaks more to the intimacies and it makes her feel. She follows it with a message on how she doesn't care about the optics and when she say's "fuck their reactions".


Quotable Lyrics

No nothing compares to the high

To the butterflies you give me

Your my dream your so sweet

Floating off on cloud nine


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