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Serena Sun - Body (Official Music Video)

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Serena Sun is a music recording artist from Canada. The pop singer and songwriter from British Colombia has been releasing music since 2019 with her single titled "Idk How to Stop". Serena has released the music video for her song "Body" off of her EP "Shadows on the Ceiling" which was released on June 3, 2022.

Body is a song empowering women. She tells a story about a guy who pretended to be her friend with the hopes she could eventually raise his own sexual body count. She notes that she is now more aware of the warning signs and the type of guys who would play this type of game. In the song Sun explains some of their tactics she noticed such as how they will pretend they know you but at the same time they try to break you down mentally until you have no fight left in you and you are easy to seduce.

The music video, directed by Tamara Black, premiered on July 7, 2022. The video has 3 main shots; the first has Serena alone in an empty house with cloth over all of the furniture. On the back wall above the fire place is a slide show of pictures representing the memories from the party she speaks of in the song. The second has her in a hallway where someone walks into the hall as she eerily realizes. And the last shot is of a party she has with her actual friends with men and women in the group.


Quotable Lyrics

Now I know better,

Than to share my time with insecure guys who need to feel bigger

Call it a prize, yeah that's just not right


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