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Ruth Lyon - Black Hole (Official Music Video)

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Ruth Lyon is a music recording artist from the United States. The alternative music singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom has been releasing music since 2020 with her single "Sink or Swim". Lyon premiered the music video to her song titled "Black Hole" which was released on March 1, 2022.

Black Hole is a song about a person in a dark place speaking to a loved one, someone they feel only really knows them on the surface. That she is in a dark place mentally in her life and she feels that things for her are getting worse. She warns that like a black hole she will only pull the person into the darkness with her.

The music video, which premiered on March 8, 2022 was directed and edited by Lyon herself. The visuals for the video cuts between a few visual shots and Ruth, sometimes singing but most times she's just alone. The video has to main effects that she switches between beautifully; she blends to shots together in one then will switch to herself with a white back drop as images play over her giving the same, but practical, blend effect.


Quotable Lyrics

You could only ever want me

Cause you never really knew

It’s dark and getting darker oh oh

How could you ever find me

When all I do is hide?

It’s dark and getting darker

Living six feet underground


Purchase Link: Apple Music | Spotify

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