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Redcoat Kid - Baddest Feat. Tylynn (Official Music Video)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Redcoat Kid is a recording artist from the United States. From Nebraska, the hip hop song writer has been releasing music in 2017 with his first album titled "Boot Camp". Over the years following his initial release Redcoat Kid had several successful releases such as; "Back 2 Business" in 2018, "Paradise" in 2019, and "Project: Evolution" in 2020. It seems he was releasing an album every year. After a short break, Redcoat Kid is back with his song "Baddest" featuring Tylynn.

The song is about 2 people who are into each other and the listener is experiencing their approach to engaging one another. Redcoat expresses his feelings for her and how much he is into her. His approach to winning her over along with the compliments is to prove his worth, tell her what he wants to do to her and with her. Tylynn speaks to how she wants to be with him and she's done waiting and taking it slow.

The music video is a simple video with a relaxed feel to compliment the smooth feel of the track. Redcoat is with a Chevrolet Bel Air and throughout the video he is outside standing, inside the drivers seat, or in the back. Tylynn starts out on a bench by herself but towards the end she is in the car with him. The use of a car from that period is reflective on how everyone looks back on that time period as on of the cornerstones of romance.


Quotable Lyrics

Baby you the baddest

And I want to be your habit

I don't want to be a savage

But I wonder can I have it


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