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Pedro - Wake Up (Official Music Video)

Pedro is a music recording artist from the United States. The Los Angeles blues singer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2019 with his EP titled "The Greenhouse Sessions". Pedro premiered the music video for his song "Wake Up" which was part of his April 4, 2020 released album with the same name.

Wake up is a song bring awareness to the homeless crisis. It tries to both send a message and make a plea for people to see what's going on with people who are homeless and hopefully encourage more people to help. Pedro starts the song mentioning walking blind as symbolizing how people walk past the homeless trying to ignore their existence. He notes the lack of true priorities of the wealthy when there are people who are dying on the streets. He ends noting the hypocrisy of people who follow certain principles in theory but not in practice. As they are told to help the poor and the people in need but as mentioned before do everything they can to ignore them.

The music video, directed by Pedro Costa and Carlos Scupê, premiered on January 25, 2021. It follows a homeless man, keeping up with the theme of the song, who wakes up to find someone left a guitar next to him. Taking his new guitar with him he goes about his day as regular but at one point he has an awakening when he plays it. He decides to go to a vacant lot towards the end of the day to really get lost in playing the instrument. The next day he leaves the guitar in a public area with a sign "wake up" for the title of the song, but in universe could be a message for the next person for the guitar to help as it helped him.


Quotable Lyrics

I need a way to make it better now

Feels like life is leaving me blue

See the rich full of jealousy

People dying on the streets

How much longer are we gonna let these things go on

What can we do to make it better lord

Make this world our happy home


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