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Palmu - Car Keys

Palmu is a music recording artist from Europe. The German pop singer and songwriter has been releasing music since May of this year with her first song being "Housewife". On November 22, 2021 she released her song titled "Car Keys".

Car Keys is a song about men treating women as just another tool for entertainment, much like a video game or an outdoor activity, they are there for the enjoyment of the man. Men have this idea that it is okay when they aren't interested in being with the woman at the moment because, in their mind, the world revolves around them. But Palmu as a few words for that notion, "that's not how it works with her". She is taking back all the power, the guys work with what she wants and when she wants it.



Quotable Lyrics

You crossed the limits there's no more tickets

Lost your license to my late night visits

got the finest but you wanted more

And now you wanna ride me all night long

But you lost my car keys


Purchase Link: Apple Music | Spotify

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