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Paige Rose - Whiskey Drinker

Paige Rose is a music recording artist from the United States. The Nashville country singer and song writer has been releasing music since 2018 with her song titled "Brandy". On November 5, 2021 she released her latest song "Whiskey Drinker".

Whiskey Drinker is an empowering song about transforming, although she's not changing from herself but more to who she really is. She implies what a timid person she was who drank wine and followed "the rules". Now she doesn't care and would rather be herself and is much better for it while having what she wants regardless of the optics. The first verse she notes the change and the second verse she expresses the how people may not recognize her, with a confident attitude that she doesn't care what they think either way.


Lyric Video


Quotable Lyrics

No umbrellas, don't want chasers

Nothing frozen, only straight up

Well I'm done trying to be polite


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