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P.G.L.U - The Shining ft. Javon773 (Official Music Video)

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

P.G.L.U is a music recording artist born in the Philippines and raised in the United States. The Chicago hip hop performer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2019 with his song "Boss Moves" featuring Malik Sosho. P.G.L.U premiered the music video for his track titled "The Shining" featuring Javon773.

The Shining is a song, as stated in the chorus, about flexing. P.G.L.U. uses his verse primarily speak to people's impression of his success. His point is that he's worked hard to get where he is, and also that things can go south very quickly for anyone who crosses him the wrong way. Javon773 speaks to on his success as well along with few more topics but mainly he speaks to his music and separates himself from others rappers.

The music video, shot by Fusion Productions with the director Brandon Krause, premiered on the same day the song was released April 29, 2022. The theme of the video is based on slasher horror films taking much of its inspiration from the Friday the 13th franchise, with a masked killer wielding a machete. The video has a group of friends in the woods sharing scary stories as the killer ambushes the group and killing each member one by one.


Quotable Lyrics

And I'm in here posted flexing

But all my necklaces is shining

Pockets bloated don't try me

Or I'll turn into the shining


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