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Olivia Frances - Somebody's Reason

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Olivia Frances is a multi-award-winning indie recording artist. The Nashville pop singer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2015 with her album titled "Evergreen". On March 10, 2022 Olivia Frances releases her song titled "Somebody's Reason".

Somebody's Reason is a song listed as an easy listening song and this is spot on. There's a soft and soothing feel to it with a positive and easy to understand message. The song is what every person needs to hear when they feel at their lowest or just simply down on themselves. It's a reminder to anyone; no matter how bad things seems to get there are people out there that truly love and cherish you, people who would be hurt deeply with out you.


Quotable Lyrics

When the rain can't seem to go away

When the cloud's above are dark and grey

Theres a light inside you might not see

Just remember you are what someone needs

You're somebody's reason to smile...


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