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NY Santana - Don Juan

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

NY Santana is a recording artist from the United States. He a hip hop songwriter from Queens, NY who debuted with his first album on April 18, 2020 called "No Features". NY Santana released his latest album "Don Juan" adding to his discography.

Don Juan was released on January 7, 2022. It is the second installment to his catalog. The album consist of 13 tracks the first of which is "Show Em'". This song helps the audience understand his intentions from the beginning. The album is a collection of upbeat productions with NY Santana delivering a range of different performances on the tracks. He is generally animated which is different from the typical punchline focused writing of many hip hop writers. He adds effects and adlibs to the most of the tracks to give a better experience to the listener and helps emphasize the point he is making.


Quotable Lyrics

Pandemics kinda crazy, became a godfather

But there's something that's also crazy, I've been all these n****'s father


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