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MMD - Harlem Nights

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

MMD is more than just another rapper, he is a man that plans to survive by any means. He is a man of ambition who wishes more for himself than to be just another person no the planet but is aware that before he can fly he must be able to stand and support himself. We have all been in a place where we feel we are at a very low point and the only way to look is up; hoping the future is better than the present and reminiscing on the happy days of our past. This is what “Harlem Nights” is about.

Written by MMD the song narrates his thoughts on his surroundings and his life as he rides a lonely New York City train home. Having no friends with him during his commute to and from his day job MMD just found comfort in his writing. He says he was inspired to write this song based on what seemed like an endless repetition of his day, week, and year. Working just to survive, riding the train hungry from uptown New York City to the downtown financial district just to reverse the the travel by night fall while still being hungry.

He gradually transitions into thoughts of his future. Figuring out where he is right now; for better or for worse and where he wants to be. Much like ever up and coming musician that hasn’t yet broken into the industry, he was advised by others to pursue a different path. He states how his mother works hard for the nice things and insinuating he could do better if he dropped his pursuit of music because its not a guaranteed success, but he has tried so many options to get him where he wants to be so he might as well keep trying music.



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