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Makenna - For the Moment

Updated: Jul 1

Makenna is a music recording artist. She is a singer and songwriter who is releasing her first record debuting in 2023. On April 10, 2023 Makenna released her first track titled "For the Moment".

For the Moment is a song about unconditional love and always being available for that one special person when they need you. She begins with her idea of what their love is like in the moments when they are together. She makes a point to note her fears apologizing which gives the impression she may have been more hesitant in the past but notes how she will be there for them with her love at any time; when the sun rise, the moon shine, and the stars align.


Quotable Lyrics

Only for the moment

Love me while your lonely

Give up all control

Losing track of time


Purchase Link: Website | Apple Music | Spotify

Follow Makenna: Instagram | Youtube

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