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Lala - Barriers

Lala is a recording artist from the United States. The R&B singer and song writer has been releasing music since 2017 with her first single "Wasn't Love". On September 24, 2021 she released her latest song titled "Barriers".

Barriers is a song about unity. That people can come together to and reshape their futures if they could ignore their differences. Barriers in the song are referring to the dividing lines that separate and distinguish the differences between humans, race, gender, religion, etc. She express how she is aware that we as people need each other. People are too blinded by hate for no reason. A good theme to the song is "as a species, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts we as people need to open our eyes and recognize that."


Quotable Lyrics

I see you and you see me

Oh together what we will be

Conquer hate erase the shame

Never too late to change our destiny


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