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Kel Adore - Fool for the Pain (Official Music Video)

Kel Adore is a music recording artist from the United States. The Los Angeles singer and songwriter preparing to release her debut EP in 2022. On October 29, 2021 the pop singer released the first track title "Fool for the Pain" and just premiered the music video for the record.

Fool for the pain is a song with Adore singing from the perspective of a person speaking in third person about themselves loosing control. She starts with the imagery of someone who just did something bad and speaks like a person from the outside possibly speaking to a past self. She shifts to a more self reflective feel during the chorus asking a series of questions.

The music video is noted to be an official lyric video but does have cinematic features. It has Kel in various places outside of a city; an alley, a roof top and and room. She sings in a red lit room to coincide with her lyrics regarding the setting.


Quotable Lyrics

Hat on, eyes down

And a little bit of blood on her blue nightgown

Headstrong, but her hands are cold

She’ll only do the opposite of what she is told

Have you lost your way now, have you

And you push me away when I try to help you


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