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KayLyn Pace - You're Not

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

KayLyn Pace is an American recording artist. She is a country singer and song writer from Nashville, Tennessee. With music in her family background it was only natural that Kaylyn would find music in her future as well. With several tracks already in her repertoire dating back to 2018 she has released the latest song in her catalog call "You're Not".

You're not is a song that should resinate with a wide range of people. It explores a common scenario along with bad break up with a toxic partner. The first thing they say is how there's no way you would find better than them. This is a trope used to both; bring you down and build on your insecurities while also boosting their own ego. This song is a statement against every bit of that idea. Kaylyn sings with confidence about how no matter what that person thinks, they are wrong. That she specifically points out how they are not the person who gained something from the break up and they are not the person who can give her what she's looking for.


Quotable Lyrics

You said I won't find any better

You said I'll waste my time

Yea the truth is that's all a lie

So don't sit here and tell me who's better

And who has everything that could treat me right

Cause you're not!


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