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JVMES CLYDE - Dot My Eyes (Official Music Video)

JVMES CLYDE is a music recording artist from the United States. The rap performer and songwriter started releasing music earlier this year with a series of singles titled; "Ashtray", "Pretend", and "Direction". Jvmes Clyde premiered the music video for his song released on June 4 released track "Dot My Eyes".

Dot My Eyes is a song into the mind of someone who has to live with ADHD. The constant struggle to try and stay in control of theirselves and being very careful. He speaks to everything he has to deal and contend with between himself and the people around him who think they know what he is going through or believe they are the same.

The music video, which premiered June 1, 2021, was shot and direct by James Hunter Simmons and Janel Duarte. The setting in a room with papers on the wall with things written on it as Jvmes Clyde stands in front of a mic with "ADHD" written on it. The music video has him singing and rapping into the mic and throughout the video we get close ups to the paper to see the are visual representations of thoughts and struggles that go through the mind and life of a person living with ADHD.


Quotable Lyrics

ADHD got me spinning like a ceiling fan

I don't even understand, I do what I can

And it's hard to slow down or even comprehend

Sometimes it's just hard to even give a single damn


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