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Julie Marie - Insomnium EP

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Julie Marie is a European singer, song writer, and producer. She released her first EP titled "Insomnium" after releasing 2 singles prior. Julie Marie is a Pop singer from Berlin, Germany and Insomnium is a collection of songs that have upbeat productions with deeper undertone and lyrics.

Julie Marie begins the EP with "Just a Dream", a song about dreaming of being with the person you long for. Being close to them and not wanting them to leave. The Next song is called "Wasted Youth" which is a song from an older and more mature perspective of her past as she reflects on the things she's done. The song gives the audience the idea of the advice she would give her younger self if given the opportunity. "Overdose" is about trying to overcome what you think you want. Julie uses the pro "you" to mask the subject effectively lending the idea that it could be anything. We all have addiction and not all of them could fit into one particular category. The next song is "No Limits", an upbeat a song regarding how far she's willing to go with someone. In "Pressure" Julie Marie is empowered and is making a statement that she can't me forced (or "pressured) into doing the will of someone else. Julie finishes the EP with "AM" about a dysfunctional relationship that constantly keeps her up at night.


Quotable Lyrics

Wasted youth in crowded Sydney bars

Wasted youth with strangers I forgot

Wasted at home on a Wednesday night

Wasted youth on you


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