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Jon Harris - More

Jon Harris is a music recording artist from the United States. The New York hip hop performer and writer has been releasing music since 2018 with his first single titled "Big". On February 10, 2023 Jon released his track "More".

More is a song telling stories of people who let the wrong ambitions get the best of them then subsequently lost it all. Harris tells a story of a person who is lonely wishing for companionship just to cheat on his companion when he gets her and then loses her. The second story is a tale of a music artist who is unhappy with his progress but decides to take the fast route to gaining notoriety rather than respect his core fan base. Once he hits the high points of his career and the trend passes he finds that he lost both his new fans and his core. Jon notes the point of the song is not to discourage the listener from pursuing more than they have but to be careful in their pursuit; to working on your ambitions the right way and to do right by the people who love and support you.


Quotable Lyrics

You ever look at what you got and said you wanted more?

'Til it's pushing you to do the things you never done before?

Not thinking 'bout what the consequences could bring

And how the consequences might fuck up a good thing


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