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Jax Hollow - Underdog Anthems

Jax Hollow is a music recording artist from the United States. The rock singer and songwriter from Nashville has been releasing music 2020 with the first single for this album titled "High Class Bitch". On February 26, 2021 Jax Hollow released her debut album "Underdog Anthems".

Underdog Anthems is a seven track album where Jax showcases her versatility in her approach to songs. She shows that she is okay with touching personal topics. She has multiple angles she approaches romance between her tracks; High Class Bitch, Rebound, and Drift Together. She is able to keep her album feeling diverse because of her ability to maintain the rock feel on all the songs while making each song feel unique. Say My Name, Wanted Woman, and 52 Pickup all shift in her topic but still very energizing and motivating tracks. they give inspiration to the listener and help the listener feel as though they always have the upper hand. With each individual song Hollow also shows off her masterful guitar and in the music videos you can see the passion she has for it as she plays with passion and ferocity.


Quotable Lyrics

Well I'm the wild horse, never been in the stable

All of the freedoms in the sky

But you're driving me of course and your turning the tables

And I have no idea why

You're just a tattooed stranger, beauty mixed with danger

It's just another adventure

I swore I'd never settle down til something like this came around

No I never could've anticipated you


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