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Jas - Ooh La La (feat. Jae' & Ria Carval)

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Jas is a music recording artist from the United States. The pop singer and songwriter from New York has been releasing music since 2020 with her track titled "Neon Lights". On July 29, 2022 Jas released her song "Ooh La La".

In the song Ooh La La, Jas teams up with Jae' and Ria Carval. The song is about being with someone for what is expected to be a short fling but catching feelings for them. Jas begins by giving the listener the set up to the story then jumps into her intentions then how they were unexpectedly changed. Jae sings about what her lover can give to her for pleasure. Then Ria sings about how she is usually not the type to fall for people like that but based on how they make her feel she is willing to give it a try. Lastly Jas comes back to describe the moment she realized she wanted something different from what she initially was looking for.


Lyric Video


Quotable Lyrics

You make me feel a way, my mind goes ooh la la la la la la, la l-la la la la la

A game I want to play my body goes ooh la la la la la la, la l-la la la la la

There's things I want to say, I can't explain but ooh la la la la la la, la l-la la la la la


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