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IMY2 - SH*T (Official Music Video)

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

IMY2 is a band from the United States. The pop group from Nashville has been releasing music since 2020 with their track titled "Bullet". IMY2 premiered the music video for the song "SH*T" on the same day it was released.

SH*T is a song is pretty straight forward. It is a message to someone who uses people and treats them as something to conquer. She tells a story of someone who led her on to believe the relationship was moving in a different direction from their actual intentions and how she was affected by the deception. She notes how that make her feel terrible and that after that encounter she feels like she's not good for anyone.

The music video, directed and produced by Hannah Gray Hall, premiered on October 21, 2022. It has 2 main sets, one with the band playing in a dark open room while wearing suits and ties. The second set has the bad in a brighter lit room to contrast the first shot where Annalise is laying on the bed singing to the camera with the band on the floor next to her. The is a shower shot and another shot where Annalise is singing alone near candles as well.


Quotable Lyrics

You make me feel like shit

I'm a loser yeah

No good for anybody

Such a lonely bitch

You make me feel like shit

Yeah my life so sad

No one could ever want

A crazy girl like that

You make me feel like...


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