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Hunter Gromala - Rich Girl (Official Music Video)

Hunter Gromala is a music recording artist from the United States. The Kansas pop singer and songwriter is now starting to release music commercially after gaining notoriety from her Soundcloud releases. Gromala premiered the music video for rendition of "Rich Girl"

Hunter Gromala's Rich Girl is a cover from Hall & Oates. The song is about a girl from someone else's perspective pointing out how she has no real accomplishments and only got to her high status from being with a rich man. They note that she is content with where she is with no care that she may have peaked because she can continue to use the money she has due to the man.

The music video, shot by combatxcarl, premiered on May 11, 2022. It has Gromala singing in a room at Free State Flora, LLC which made for a simple and relaxed setting with a couch, art plants and more. The music video seems to be going for a spring feel as she sports spring colors with a mint green blazer over a pink two piece which compliments the room.


Quotable Lyrics

You're a rich girl, and you've gone too far

'Cause you know it don't matter anyway

You can rely on the old man's money

You can rely on the old man's honey

It's a bitch girl, and you've gone too far

'Cause you know it don't matter anyway

Say money, money won't get you too far, get you too far


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