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GILSKA - All Out of Tears

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Gilska is a music recording artist from the United Kingdom. The pop singer and songwriter has been making music since 2021 with her first song titled "Fantasy". On May 20, 2022 Gilska released her track "All Out of Tears".

All Out of Tears is a song about having more strength with situations rather than crying about them. It's not a strategy to foolishly look for problems to prove you can handle them as she notes she will still try to avoid issues along with trying to stay positive about situations she put in. It's more about recognizing there are better ways to help yourself than to simply feel sorry for yourself.


Quotable Lyrics

Pour your heart out, see who cares

It will show you the good and bad

All the things that make me crazy

I've been having my sorrows

Breaking the chains that kept me insane

Getting it all out to save me


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