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Fidel - Make You Mine

Fidel is a music recording artist from Europe. The house music singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom has been releasing music since June 2021 with his track "Weekend Starts". On October 29, 2021 Fidel released his song titled "Make You Mine".

Make You Mine is an expression of affection. It's the leap of faith you need to take when you are into someone and you want to know where you stand. He explains what he thinks even with something as simple as a glance; "what a time to be alive". He holds her in such high regards that he wants no one to know more about him than her, and how with the chance he's sure he can prove his worth to her. Along with the overall message, the song is also meant for her to hear when she is out if not to hear the message, then to enjoy herself to.



Quotable Lyrics

Put my Ray-Bans on cause I'm blinded by your light

I've already decided that I need you in my life

And it's heartbreak hotel if I can't make you mine


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