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Elle Baez - Stereotype (Music Video)

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Elle Baez is a music recording artist from the United States. The pop singer and singer writer from New York has been releasing music since 2020 with her song "Summer". Elle premiered the video for her song titled "Stereotypes" which was released on September 10, 2021.

Stereotypes is a song that serves as a reminder that the only value worth anything should come from ourselves. It has an empowering message to be more than what society deems you to be. Unapologetically, be yourself even if it means you are fighting against what society what's you to be based how you look.

The music video, directed by Gabriella Concepcion, focuses on Elle and her crew as they take accept a new woman, who is by herself at the beach, into their group. She is upset and trying to figure out a weightless strategy to hopefully fit in to society better when Elle calls her over to have fun with them. The group takes the new comer to a party to show you don't need to be skinny to have fun, laugh, wear 2-piece bathing suits, and enjoy life.


Quotable Lyrics

Imagine if society told the little me I was pretty

And I would've believed them and had been strong enough to own this city

Cause kids see, kids do they look up to you

Yea I saw, I know I wasn't what you wanted


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