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Dude Dynamik - Level Up (Official Music Video)

Dude Dynamik is a music recording artist. The hip hop artist and songwriter has been releasing music since 2021 with his single titled "Keys to the World". Dude Dynamik premiered the music video for his song "Level Up" which was part of his 5 song EP which was released on October 1, 2021.

Level Up is a song about getting better or progressing towards your goals. Dude Dynamik speaks on the past, where he was, and matched it to he is at. He notes the things that people do that keeps them stagnant. Dynamik later speaks on the reality, hardship, and hurdles he must over come while being black.

On December 14, 2021 Dude Dynamik premiered the music video for Level Up which was directed by Jave Bjorkman. The music video starts with Dude Dynamik sitting with a friend speaking on how he's trying to help his friends improve themselves. The story of the video is shows 2 employment positions which implies progress as he starts as stocker of grocery items and it switches to him at an office setting, "a real job", which people may associate as being better than the former. Throughout the video it also cuts to a basketball game where he plays a referee who keeps calling fouls while the player committing the offense gets mad. This happens until he if forced to show them he knows what he's talking about by playing them himself.


Quotable Lyrics

We was on the welfare, yea that government aid

Now I'm 'bout to boss up and get all of us paid


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