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Decoding the Unknown - The Dyatlov Pass Incident


Decoding the Unknown is a podcast that does deep dives into mysterious cases and events, hosted by Simon Whistler. On November 9, 2021 Decoding the Unknown released their episode "The Dyatlov Pass Incident: What Really Happened to the Russian Hikers?". This episode, written by Katy Watson, was about the mystery surrounding the death of 9 hikers in the Soviet Union in the 1950s.

For background, there was a group of skiers being led by Igor Dyatlov across the northern Ural Mountains. They were considered missing and each individual was found in a different location over the span of a month. What adds to the mystery is the fact that each body was found in different conditions all seemingly underdressed and it seems as if the tent they were staying in was cut open from the inside. This begs the question what would cause them to leave their tent in such a hurry that they needed to cut it open and leave underdressed in below freezing temperature.

This episode Simon and Katy take you through the timeline of known events. Then they follow up with the known details of what remained of the group and the camp site. After they get into all the conspiracies and debunk them one by one until they come to the conclusion they believe. I won't spoil it but I will say I think it was a combination of some of the conspiracies. I think they were too close to a military base where they may have been testing rockets the sonic boom may have cause those internal injuries. This also may have cause the avalanche and spooked the group into thinking they were in a battle field area that forced them to quickly flee the tent only to realize after run and getting disoriented that it wasn't. Unfortunately for them they had to figure out how to get back and wasn't completely sure because they were disoriented from their abrupt fleeing.


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