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Dana. - Conversations with Myself

Dana. is a music recording artist from Canada. The singer and songwriter from Toronto released her first track for her upcoming project "What if You Don't Feel the Same". on April 1, 2022 Dana released her song titled "Conversations with Myself".

Conversations with Myself is a song about reflection and being honest with yourself. It is designed that if the listener didn't know the title they would hear a conversation between two individuals in a toxic relation, which is what is being shown; the toxic relationship she feels she has with herself. Like in most relationships; when there is a problem, the best thing to do is to speak up and address your grievance with the hope that it will bring change. And that's what she is doing, the only difference is, it is a relationship within herself.


Quotable Lyrics

The world's still spinning and your still over there

I'm starting to believe you don't care

You keep running, running from your problems

And I can't take it anymore, no


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