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D.a.D - Black Mercy

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

D.a.D is a music recording artist and the "D.a.D" stands for "Dedication and Divinity". He is a hip hop song writer who has been releasing music since June 2021 with his singles "Gohan" and "Shitpost Stopthis". On October 31, 2021 D.a.D released his new song titled "Black Mercy".

Black Mercy is a song that hits on a few different points. The general commonality all the points have in the two verse is that they all add to the vision of the lifestyle D.a.D lives. The chorus he drives the idea of his determination. The music production is simple but very capturing and affective. With the musics tempo and D.a.D's pacing, the song comes off upbeat and high energy.


Quotable Lyrics

Can't stop, won't stop til I get the band

In my hand. With the work with my other hand

Im the man, please tell me

Do you understand?


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