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Chanel Warren - Happy Life (Official Music Video)

Chanel Warren is a music recording artist from the United States. The r&b singer and songwriter has not released music to distributors or streaming platforms prior to this however has made a name for herself with a video of an original track titled "Together" which was exclusively released on YouTube. On July 11, 2020 she debuted with her first song "Happy Life" and she just released the music video for the track.

Happy Life is a song about not getting too caught up and angry about something so insignificant as a relationship and the drama that comes along with it. She notes that all she needs is her money and the focus on her own happiness. The first verse is statement to her man on how replaceable he is if he were to mess up. In the second verse she showcases her worth and notes that everything she has is his, so long as he doesn't mess things up.

On July 19, 2020 Chanel premiered the music video for the track which was directed by Arion KiddWeeks and starred Chanel herself along with Tobias Stewart. The music video follows the same theme as the song . It depicts a couple going through trust problems starting with the man receiving a call from a girl which sparks an argument, him noting she's just a friend. Later he sees her texting someone and laughing and becomes suspicious as the jealous but was hit with the same line he used on her the person she is talking to is just a friend. The story climaxes when they are together but doing separate things when her phone rings and he was quick to grab it and becomes angry when his rings and she was quicker to grab it. However realizing what's going on she decides it's not worth it and instead of stooping to his level she decides to give him the phone without answering it.


Quotable Lyrics

Paper is all that's on my mind

Don't have no time, for no arguments tonight

When we fight, every night

It makes me question exactly what's right

But understand I

Won't care at all about something that's so very higher than I

Oh I, Just need, Yes I need

To live a happy life


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